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Welcome to the Central California Kart Racing Association (CCKRA). We are a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of kart racing in Central California and hosting of kart races in the Fresno, CA area. 5 years olds running kid karts to the superkart 6 speed shifters - CCKRA is dedicated to professional style racing with a foundation built on safety, family and sportsmanship.


It is amazing what a 5 year old can do behind the wheel. It is thrilling to witness the hard driving competition of the older age classes running wheel to wheel at up to 80 mph. And then there are the shifters with over 42hp and 6 gears accelerating from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds.

Get a pit pass and get in the middle of the action. Watch the drivers prepare. Lend a hand. Be close enough to feel the wind of the karts as they race by. Here's the schedule!


Want to do more than just watch? Volunteer to help out for track setup, teardown or work a corner on practice and/or race day. For more information contact us.

Arrive and Drive

Want to feel what it is like to be racing along inches off the ground in a precise racing machine that hugs the corners like an indy car? Check out our schedule and let us know. Contact us.


Are you ready to race? Let's make sure you have what you need and you are Race Ready!

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A Day at the Races