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Tech Form

Tech Form Keep your race day simple. Download and print your techforms!     [hr]   [pdf-embedder url="" title="CCKRA Tech Form"] [hr]
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Planting the Need for Speed

"The most often asked question I get is how can what we do on four wheels ever replace the thrill of one of the most high-performance experiences/machinery known to mankind? The answer is easy-..." Buckle-up and take a ride with F-18 pilot John Fernandez from karting to F-18s and back to karting - a family…
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Looking Back

If you are going to look back. Do it safely. Enjoy this CCKRA video for some tips on keeping your wheels going the right direction when you turn your head to look back! [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [hr]
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Basics of Corner Passing

A basic overview of passing into a corner. [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [hr]   Who's Corner is It Go along for a kart ride into a tight corner on the Circuit of America F1 track.   [embed][/embed] [hr]
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