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Looking Back

If you are going to look back. Do it safely. Enjoy this CCKRA video for some tips on keeping your wheels going the right direction when you turn your head to look back! [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [hr]
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Track Width

The Back Wheels are Wider than the Front! It is easy to forget that the rear wheels are often wider than the fronts. An unfortunate reminder is when we pass an object with just enough room on one side to let the front wheels pass. Bang, steering wheel is jerked out of your hands and…
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Swap Meet, Play Day, Getting Started Seminar

Atwater Kart Club Swap Meet Play Day & Beginner Orientation February 7th 2015.   [hr] [row] [span4] R U Ready to Get Ready? This is the perfect opportunity to get the dust off your racing machine and your fast twitch muscles and depth perception back in race form. And, if you are new to kart…
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