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When the Kart In Front of you Spins

Ever have¬†someone spin in front of you? Perhaps you recall at some point it looks like the spinning kart has stopped...just to find out, as you attempt to go around, it did not stop. Check out this video starting around the 40 second mark. Notice the spinning kart appears to stop then it changes direction…
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How to Get in Your Kart Seat!

Trying to get into a kart for the first time can be awkward. Certainly, you don't want to stand on the throttle or brake cables. So, what is the right way to mount up? Check out this video from Karting Australia. [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [hr] [hr]
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Secrets of Speed

Secrets of Speed - Memo Gidley & Jeff Grist The Secrets of Speed series is an excellent reference for the beginner who wants start in the right direction and for those who are ready for more.¬† "...anticipates what the driver will need to know next as they move along the learning curve. The overall presentation…
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