Round 3 – May 9th

Night race

Are you ready for some exciting racing under the light? Get your tires pumped up and head out to the Fresno Fairgrounds May 9th. The gates open at 10:00 am Saturday May 9th.

NOTE: To ensure you are up to date and get the latest information as soon as possible join the email list by contacting CCKRA here.

Track Setup

Thursday night starting @ 7:00pm.
Friday Starting @ 8:00am

 Race Day Schedule

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For travel map, track map and weather report click here



CCKRA recommends that every racer have a print copy of the rules with them at the track - Click here

IKF Rule Book

The CCKRA is an IKF sanction track, using IKF insurance & the 2015 IKF competition regulations and technical manual. You can get a 2015 IKF competition regulations and technical manual through IKF.

It's not mandatory to join IKF to run with CCKRA, but we highly recommended it.

CCKRA would like to thank everyone for your support see ya this weekend.

- Ron Perry



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