Secrets of Speed

Secrets of Speed - Memo Gidley & Jeff Grist

The Secrets of Speed series is an excellent reference for the beginner who wants start in the right direction and for those who are ready for more. 

"...anticipates what the driver will need to know next as they move along the learning curve. The overall presentation of the book is very unique as well, including a number of Hot Tips and Cool Tricks in each chapter that detail the little things that can be the difference between just finishing and winning."

The Secret of Speed titles include:

  • Secrets of Speed for Two-Cycle Kart Racing (2nd Edition)
  • Memo Gidley's Secrets of Speed for Four-Cycle Kart Racing
  • ¬†Memo Gidley's Secrets of Speed for Shifter Kart Racing

Contact your local kart shop or visit the Secret of Speed web site.

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