Iame – Our New Friend

Battle ground Central California
X30 TAG Jr. on the front lines

CCKRA is excited to announce our cooperation with SKUSA by adopting the IAME X-30 (Junior) program along side the IAME mini Swift. This was an easy decision with the explosive growth of California ProKart Challenge, the SKUSA Pro Tour and karting in general.

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“CCKRA is one of the best kept secrets. Walk around our pits and you will see some of the best national level drivers, top teams and the best coaches. This is perhaps one reason Central California is such a hot bed of front-runners in regional and national level events.

When you get to hang around and learn from the best, you learn quicker! Consider these warriors ready for CCKRA Round 1 X30 TAG Jr.: Tomas Majia, Oliver Calvo, Jared Korth, Vincent Guerrero, Alex Arbuckle, Gary Lyles, Kent Hatada, Elijah Potter, and Hayden Wagner.” JM

Say hi to Oliver and Tomas

Congratulations to Oliver for his dominating drive in the SKUSA XIX TAG Cadet final. Congratulations to Tomas for his 2nd place finish in the SKUSA XIX TAG Cadet final.  It is going to be exciting to see what these two warriors accomplish in TAG Junior 2016.


NOTE: Space between images intentional. Didn't want them racing off the page.

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