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About  McMillan Consulting

Locally owned and operated in the central valley, McMillan Consulting has provided information technology consulting since 1991. With our many years of experience, McMillan Consulting has developed a technology strategy that enables its clients to make sound investments in information systems that address the following areas:

Reliability – Over the past 25 years, our clients have experienced extremely little downtime in both frequency and duration. This is largely due to careful design and implementation, and the use of proven components coupled with proactive monitoring, support and maintenance.

Performance – Our clients realize maximum potential performance from the systems we design, install and support for them. We test and measure system throughput to ensure that all components in the network are performing as expected.

Quality – We recommend our clients invest in mainstream, business-class and enterprise-class products. We provide our clients with hardware and software solutions that are warranted by major manufacturers and are supportable by a majority of IT professionals.

Tony McMillan, President/CEO
Tony McMillan has over 30 years of professional experience in the areas of applications development, computer hardware/software, local and wide-area networking and security. As the President of McMillan Systems, Inc. for over 25 years, his company has provided services to its clients locally, nationally and internationally. Tony possesses extensive experience in Microsoft Operating Systems and applications, and Cisco LAN, WAN and security products.

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