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CCKRA Introduces the “Swift” Tag Cadet

The IAME mini Swift Tag Cadet program is sweeping across the country. Be part of the action right in the heart of California with the CCKRA.   Tag Cadet is powered by the 60cc IAME mini Swift. Fast...faster then a race ready Comer 80. "Many CCKRA members switched to the mini Swift due to a…
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Round 7 – August 23, 24

Tom Dash Memorial Speedway - Atwater [hr] [tminus t="12-10-2014 07:00:00" style="carbonite-responsive" days="days" hours="hrs" minutes="min" seconds="sec" omitweeks="true" jsplacement="footer" id="round-7" before="Time till gates open." /] [hr] Friday If you wish to park your trailer at the track on Friday you will need to be an Atwater Kart Club Member or you will have to pay the Atwater…
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