SKUSA & CCKRA Join Forces to Grow Karting

CCKRA is excited to announce our partnership with SKUSA by adopting the IAME mini Swift (Micro and Mini) IAME X-30 (Junior).  We believe the popularity of SKUSA at the state and national level has proven the IAME program is the future of 2-stroke karting.

CCKRA by adopting the SKUSA IAME program at the regional level is an excellent opportunity for those who are just entering the sport, as well as who want to get ready for SKUSA and drive on up the race ladder.

Also, along with many other clubs, including the IKF, CCKRA is adopting the SKUSA Evinco tire.

By offering the CCKRA racing events between SKUSA events, the CCKRA program is an excellent opportunity to prepare for the next SKUSA race. Some of our 2015 regulars included Aiden Kemp, Dom...inator Gordon, Oliver Calvo and Tomas Mejia.

Watch the video below and share in Tom and Ron's excitement for the future of karting.

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