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CCKRA 2024 Championship Points

  • Must be a paid member by April 21, 2024 to earn year end awards

  • Must run three races within your class to earn year end awards

  • Ties go to the driver with the most wins or highest finishing position

  • Technical DQs cannot be used a drop

  • Briggs Junior 1 Pilot LO206 is a NON-CHAMPIONSHIP class.

1st =100, 2nd=90, 3rd=80, 4th=75, 5th=70, 6th=65, 7th=60, 8th=58, subtract 2 points for each position after 8th (i.e 10th= 54, 15=44)


  • Additional points awarded for number of entries per class.

  • 2 Points awarded for fastest lap in Qualifying.

  • 1 point awarded for fastest lap in Main Event.


Example: Driver wins (+100) a class with 6 entries (+6), gets fastest lap in the main (+1), and qualified pole (+2). 100+6+1+2 = 109

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